Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Getting Around Bangkok

Getting Around Bangkok

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Thank you!

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  1. I will try to translate the text for you, but my English is well bad.
    Thank you, Dad ...
    Because you understood me while I grew and for accepting my changes so fast.
    Must have been difficult to remain calm with me, but you always tried and often succeeded.
    Thank you to listening to me and have given me clear and brief answers to questions and doubts that I could be you.
    Thank you for you have strengthened my confidence to continue revealing my thoughts and feelings.
    Thank you for you have applauded me when I was true, for you have understood when I told a lie, for you have proven that they stain our character.
    Thank you have talked about yours mistakes and the things you learned from them. This has made me accept my own mistakes, to learn with them and to forgive myself.
    Thank you for you attention and make me spend so much of your time with me. This led me to believe that I am very important and I value.
    Thank you for you always act the way I wanted to act. So that you gave me a good model to follow.
    Thank you for you trust me and respect me even when I was smaller than you.
    Thank you for you have considered my feelings and needs, and have shown me many times that they were similar to yours.
    Thank you for your kind words and the incentives.It has always been why I felt good and wanted to continue being worthy of their faith in me.
    Thank you for helping me to explore my talents and potential.
    Thank you for you have taught me to be happy that I had to be myself and not as equal to you or others that you admired.
    Thank you for being yourself and not give up the happiness. Because this I learned to seek a happy, successful and satisfactory life.
    Thanks Dad, for always having heard me.
    Listen to me again now: I love you.

  2. Olá amigo,
    Tive a oportunidade de conhecer Bangkok, é uma cidade realmente interessante, um mundo exótico, plural...
    Obrigada por seguir o nosso blog.
    Beijos na alma


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